Wonderful news!!

I get to pick up my purchase on sunday maybe monday! i’m super excited!

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Soooo. I have a phone interview on friday with Geico! I’m super excited!  I could really use this job…. 18 dollars an hour. If I work 5 hours 3 days a week for two weeks I will earn 432 dollars after taking out 20% for taxes. 864 a month… a little over 10, 000 a year…. yeah I think I need this.

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I am so incredibly bored and tired!!!!!!! I dont want to sleep… maybe i should study Italian

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THANK GOD FOR VENDING MACHINES!! pizza flavored cheese puffs and a snickers!! now i’m sitting in class blogging instead of being productive YAAAY!!


Successful day

After school I went and got lakota. We then went to the mall had some Great Steak, which was delicious as always. After went and made a payment on precious. We had a long talk about how people can’t control their children.  We finally got home and sat down and did homework.  I made bagel bites for dinner. Then I took her home and now my parents are here… its been a pretty successful day.

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School today

Why must we have school on labor day! This is ridiculous! It’s hot and I’m tired! Well only 2 hours to go. Heather (my bff[www.hedduhevans.com]) and I had a pretty good chat at lunch today. Im not looking forward to Italian because I feel weird in there. But I am looking forward to lunch/dinner with lakota (my other bff). Making another payment on my prized object today, providing they take card. Well we will see how that goes. For now ON TO GEOLOGY!

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Figuring out how to make a post and add menu items

IT’S HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But i did it none the less!


lunch with the bff!

me and my bffl are eating and she informs me that GROUPLOVE! is coming to campus! OMG!

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Long day!

classes were from 9 am to 1 pm. I then had an interview at 1:15 then work from 4-12. now its 2:30 and i just completed my homework for tomorrow (i think.)

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